Monday, June 8, 2009

Tres: Glorious Gloria

This is probably my most favourite thing I ever wrote. I like it when I can write something meaningful in a succinct way because otherwise I feel like I'm rambling - which I probably am.

I love bougainvilleas because my childhood is so strongly linked to it. Like a bookmark of very obvious happiness.

Glorious Gloria

When it'll all be okay
I’ll already be down the river
Because I waited long enough
And Gloria was a little too late
You were a little too late

I don't think
The boatman will let me off
Don't think he can
Or else he'd be there where
I can make out your foot prints
Glorious Gloria

A fence of fiery bougainvillea
Hot feet on tin
You played with me
In the rain washed grey
You said you'd be back

Then he found me
And wanted me to stay
But he was never as strong as you
And I have always been weak
So I abandoned my wait for you
Glorious Gloria

Dos: FML

For serious: FML.

I passed out watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on YouTube (shut up) only to be woken up by my dad's typical night noises. He has insomnia and all night he will rant and rave and I can hear all of it because my room is right next to the living room which he has basically turned into his bedroom. The walls are so thin, they could be classified as non-existent. Right now he is singing and swearing and he sounds like some sort of wounded animal and I'm trying to drown it out with Tool's 10,000 Days.

I sound like a mega-bitch, huh? You see, I would be more sympathetic if only this weekend he hadn't cussed me out so many times to the point I wanted to spew and just last night as I was about to eat he yelled at me so hard for so long at the dinner table that I lost my appetite. Even though I slowly left the table to avoid any commotion, I could not. He continued to rant and rave and bring up every mistake I made over the last 2 - 3 years. It's an unfortunate habit.

Fuck living at home at 20, fuck not having a job, fuck my shitty uni, fuck this new town I've moved to, fuck having no friends here, fuck paper thin walls, fuck everything I ever did and in conclusion ladies and gentlemen: Fuck My Life.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well helleu thurr.

I'm Joyeeta and this is my blog. Kutub told me to make one so I did. I'll just be posting crap up in here such as: my writings (HAH! I can't *really* write but I try), how much I love food and music and books (might even go into specifics here), random things my tiny brain finds amusing and mehbeh my life (which depending on the person could be interesting or - more likely - not).

No one is going to read this anyway =/